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Since 1997, filing court cases against car dealers and manufacturers on behalf of consumer and small business clients.  Licensed by the California Bar Association since 1992

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Not only is a defective motor vehicle or other consumer product frustrating, it may be costly and illegal if the seller or manufacturer refuses to stand behind its product.  Robert Stempler has stood up to large companies, having represented car and truck buyers, consumers and small business owners in Southern California since 1997.  In fact, 2017 is Robert’s 25th year as a licensed California lawyer.  Robert is rated 10.0 on  Robert does not charge prospective clients for phone consultations or online or fax case reviews.  The client does not pay in advance to have Robert handle their lemon law case, debt collection harassment claims, or credit reporting claims.


Did you Know...?

The “Lemon Law” refers to a collection of statutes and laws that protect buyers of goods that the seller, distributor and/or manufacturer has promised or warranted to perform in some way, such as functioning as shown in an advertisement or during a test drive.  In California, leased motor vehicles are also covered for California consumers.  Goods include cars, trucks, SUVs, pickups, motor cycles, boats, trailers, RVs, clothing, furniture, beds, cameras, and smart phones, to name a few examples.

Did you know...?

When a business sells new goods, the buyer is protected by the Lemon Law.  When a business sells used goods, there is a more limited warranty period that may apply.  For motor vehicles, the original manufacturer’s written warranty usually includes subsequent buyers, if the warranty period has not expired.  A business that sells used goods must give by buyer a disclaimer of all warranties, if they do not want to be held liable under the Lemon Law.  In some situations, a warranty may not be disclaimed by a business seller.

Did you know?

Individual consumers of a motor vehicle may receive the protections of the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act (the “Act”), which is stated in California Civil Code, Sections 1790 thru 1795.8.  Section 1795.8 applies the Act to include active members of the armed forces, who purchased a motor vehicle in another state, but reside or are stationed within California.

  • Transmission
  • Check Engine Light
  • Engine
  • Safety recall: parts not available
  • Navigation
  • Sunroof or moon-roof
  • Electrical system
  • Smog check not passed
  • Odometer fraud
  • Transmission
  • Check Engine Light
  • Engine
  • Safety recall: parts not available
  • Navigation
  • Sunroof or moon-roof
  • Electrical system
  • Smog check not passed
  • Odometer fraud
  • Body weight exceeds chassis rating GVWR
  • Brakes
  • Fires
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical system
  • Leaks and cracks
  • No local repair facility, business closed

Electrical systems


Leaks and cracks

Loose fittings

Navigation system

Separation of deck from hull

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Stop Collection Lawsuits

The Consumer Law Act

If you get that sinking feeling in your gut every time the phone rings, you may be experiencing an emotional reaction to harassing debt collection calls.  It is against the law for debt collectors to harass a consumer, under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which prohibit debt collector abuse, annoyance, and deception. It does not matter if you really owe the debt, debt collectors cannot abuse, annoy, or deceive a consumer debtor, even on credit card debt or to collect on a motor vehicle installment contract, after repossession. If the debt collector violated your legal rights, you would be entitled to an award of monetary damages and recover your attorney’s fees from the harassing collection agency.

Stop Collection Harassment

Collection Lawsuits? I can help!

Being served with a collection lawsuit can be very frustrating, time-consuming, and terribly expensive, if you lose. Defending against collection attorneys requires more than merely filing a basic “check the boxes” form. In fact very few debt collection lawsuits make it to trial, because the creditor or collection agency usually WINS well before the trial date.

Credit Reporting Violations

Consumer Protection

By the time people find out about incorrect information on their credit reports, it may be too late to revive a credit application.  That can result in higher payments on a home mortgage, vehicle loan or credit card. It may even mean some else gets a job that you are super qualified to perform, but the employer needed perfect credit, no dings.  I believe people should check their credit at least once per year and dispute all errors in writing with any credit reporting agency that has reported inaccurate, misleading or incomplete information.  Why should people pay for the errors of large companies? Why should any of us be confused with someone else, who has bad credit, merely because a company does not perform a proper investigation into the information to ensure only accurate information is being reported? If your credit dispute was improperly handled, complaining to a large government agency is simply not enough, contact a lawyer to protect your good name.


In California, the attorney-client relationship begins with the client and lawyer signing a written contract which states what the attorney will do for the client and how and when any fees and costs will be due and payable.  There is no fee for a free consultation with Mr. Stempler.  In many of the cases handled by Mr. Stempler, the fees and costs are not due until the completion of the case, after the other side (often referred to as the defendants) has paid a approved settlement amount or paid the judgment.   This is known as a contingency fee agreement, as the fee would be contingent on receiving a recovery from the other side.  In a contingency fee case, no payment is due and the fees and costs are deducted at the end from the amounts recovered from the other side, with the remainder going to the client.  If there is no recovery under a contingency fee case, then there would be no fee due.  Mr. Stempler also handles cases in which the fees and costs are due in advance, such as for collection lawsuit defense or helping to settle a civil money judgment against the client.  Please contact this office for specific information on your case.

Robert Stempler has been recognized by AVVO for his exemplary work, carrying an AVVO rating of 10.0  What is an AVVO rating?

Robert has also been a member of NACA, The National Association of Consumer Advocates, since 1997.  What is NACA ? Click here for more info.

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Client testimonials and other results stated are based on the facts of that case.  Results for a different case will not be the same.

“Mr. Stempler did a great job for me, and kept me advised at each step. The case settled quickly and they took the repossession off my credit report. My family and I are truly grateful to Mr. Stempler.”-Michelle B.


Michelle B.

Job Role, Company

“I tried to represent myself in a lawsuit against a big debt collector named Midland and their lawyers. I knew I needed help when I received a court order to appear to pay $250 in sanctions. Mr. Stempler took care of the problems and how to handle their lawyers. Midland decided it did not want to go to trial and dismissed the lawsuit, which saved me so much money.”-Kevin D.


Kevin D.

Job Role, Company

“Mr. Stempler was fantastic. My wages had been garnished on a two-year old judgment that a prior lawyer failed to set aside for me. Mr. Stempler put together all the evidence to present to the court and we won the motion. I then settled to get this behind me. In a few months, my credit scores have risen about 100 points, and I am quite excited. I cannot thank Mr. Stempler enough for this!”-Matthew S

Matthew S.

Job Role, Company

“I was being sued for $14,649 in Orange County Superior Court, even though I lived in Los Angeles. Because they had the wrong address for me, the collection lawyers got a default judgment against me, because their process server claimed that I was served. Mr. Stempler got them to cancel the judgment and they agreed to dismiss the entire case. Simply amazing.”-Halle E.

Halle E.

Job Role, Company

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