Winning Your Case

Winning Your Case And How To Collect

There are steps that the consumer debtors can do to make their case stronger, if a lawsuit is filed against a debt collection agency. Another benefit to following these steps is your case should proceed faster and be completed sooner.

The 8 steps to win are:

  1. Determine who (name, employer) placed the collection calls, such as whether it was an employee of the original creditor, a debt collection agency, or an agency that has bought the debt (known as a debt buyer) for pennies on the dollar
  2. Have you received any correspondence or billing statements from the company now calling you? If not, inform them of this and request that they send you something to disclose their particulars and information about the debt and do not discuss any personal details, unless you have the written confirmation from the debt collection agency
  3. Keep all written communications from the debt collection agency, as this may be important evidence in your case
  4. Keep a detailed phone log of each collection call and if you have multiple debt collection agencies contacting you, then keep a separate log for each, including the time, date, length, and specific things said for each call
  5. If your phone has caller ID, try to save a digital record of each collection call, such as taking a picture of the caller ID or obtain electronic or written record of each call from your phone service provider
  6. Save phone messages, voice recordings, and phone bills that show any debt collection call, preferably in electronic form, for later emailing or copying to a memory stick, or paper form for faxing or sending regular mail
  7. Before paying to settle a debt with a debt collection agency, be sure that you have or receive something from them in writing, so that you know the company’s information and can verify this is a legitimate collection business, not fly-by-night scammer or hoax call, and when you send the payment, be sure that you have something written to confirm the terms of the settlement, so that you can refer to this with each payment or enclose a copy of it
  8. Send the FREE Sample legal letters by U.S Certified Mail with return receipt requested, so the collection agency cannot later deny receiving your letter and keep a photocopy of your letter with proof of delivery