How to Stop a Lawsuit

Collection Lawsuits? I can help!

Being served with a collection lawsuit can be very frustrating, time-consuming, and terribly expensive, if you lose. Defending against collection attorneys requires more than merely filing a basic “check the boxes” form. In fact very few debt collection lawsuits make it to trial, because the creditor or collection agency usually WINS well before the trial date.

How to Stop a Debt Collection Lawsuit

The Consumer Law Office of Robert Stempler, APC represents individuals who have been sued by a debt collector in any California Superior Court. Robert has experience defending lawsuits on medical bills, personal credit card debts, automobile finance contracts, second mortgage loans, student loans, and identity theft debts. Robert also has proven experience defending student loan collection lawsuits filed in U.S. District Court.

Proven Defense Experience

As an experienced debt collection-defense attorney, Robert knows how to expose the debt collector’s main weaknesses. This starts with reviewing your documents and the facts. From the outset, the court expects that each defendant’s answer will correctly plead all applicable statutes of limitation and other defenses to the collection case. Otherwise, court permission must be granted to add these defenses.

Debt Collectors May Not Harass You

If you were harassed by a debt collection agency or collection law firm, Robert has years of experience with that, too. Under the Fair Debt Collection Act, you may be entitled to your actual damages and attorney’s fees for debt collectors’ abuse and harassment. There are other laws that protect you against bad debt collection agencies and law firms, as well.

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Deadlines leading up to trial dominate civil litigation. Your financial future is on the line, if you lose. By working quickly from the start, I can explore settlement opportunities that may accomplish your goals of prompt resolution. Or, I can dial it back, if that is what your situation requires.

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I am committed to providing you the value driven legal representation you deserve. Every case matters, especially yours. If you have questions, I will respond promptly.

Robert knows consumer debt collection law practice.
Since 1997, I have represented individuals against lawsuits filed by debt collectors and creditors, and dealt with all the major debt collection law firms. Over the years, I have helped many people avoid Bankruptcy and given them renewed hope.

We’ve helped consumers against the following
debt collectors, creditors, and collection attorneys:

Mr. Stempler has filed and settled many consumer cases, and also defended many consumers sued on allegedly unpaid debts. The opposing parties have included the following business entities. Any company listed below was involved in a lawsuit, but appearance on this list does NOT mean it was proven to have been abusive, harassing, deceptive, or that any claims or defenses it made were false or improper.

Credit Card or Medical Debt Lawsuits

Today more debt collection lawsuits than ever before are being filed in California courts to collect unpaid credit card accounts and medical bills. Collection lawsuits are not just against folks who were careless with how they spend their money, or were dishonest or irresponsible. Our State is experiencing massive unemployment, lost or denied medical insurance coverage, and widespread job furloughs, leaving honest, hard-working people to face debt collection lawsuits, embarrassing collection calls, and damaged credit.

With the right attorney, Credit Card or Medical Debt lawsuits can actually be an opportunity to gain control of these challenging situations, and prevent further damage and embarrassment.

At, Robert understands the process of collection lawsuits and can provide the legal guidance that you need. Making well-informed decisions with representation by an experienced attorney will have the greatest benefit to your financial stability and future.

By taking the right steps right now, relief from a collection lawsuit can come sooner than you think! Review this website as soon as possible and contact me for your FREE e-Case Review.

Debt collection lawsuits can be defended

It’s not the “end of the world” to receive a lawsuit on a credit card debt! But you have only 30 days in State Superior Court to hire a lawyer, with the experience to develop a winning strategy. Sometimes, cases go to trial, but collection attorneys know the drill, and most are willing to work out an affordable settlement. If you get served with a lawsuit, use your time wisely. Give Robert a call to explore your options.

Avoiding Bankruptcy

Many people (including attorneys), will tell you to file for bankruptcy, if you are sued. I have heard clients tell me that other attorneys advised them to file for Bankruptcy, on debts that an identity thief opened or used in their name. Bankruptcy should be your last resort, after exhausting other ways to resolve bad debt and debt collection problems. Individuals can file only one Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition per eight-year period and any Bankruptcy filing remains on your credit report for up to ten years. Also, Bankruptcy does not discharge all types of debt, such as guaranteed student loans and certain tax debts, so save it for last. Call today to see if Robert can help resolve your financial dilemma.

Negotiating credit cards and medical bills

You certainly CAN pay less than the full amount owed on any debt. My article on Negotiating with collection law firms goes into detail on what you can do for yourself and what the debt collectors need to settle with you for less. You can call the creditor or debt collector right now and ask about settling! If you are sued, debt collectors and banks remain open to settling with you and dismissing the case, once they receive the agreed payments. You can try to settle the lawsuit, but don�t wait to the end of the 30 days period, because then mistakes may happen, adding thousands of dollars, if a judgment is entered, because the court was not properly notified.

Stopping collection lawsuits

The best defense is being prompt and putting things in writing. Read as much of this website for information and obtain a free e-Case Review. I can help you, even if the 30 days has expired or is close to expiring, but it�s better to give yourself an extra cushion of time, before that deadline forces important decisions.

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