Re-investigation Inaccurate Account

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Company furnishing disputed account information:
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To the Management of each Credit Reporting Agency:

Enclosed is a copy of Schedule F of my bankruptcy petition, listing all of the debts and accounts that were discharged in bankruptcy, and a copy of the Bankruptcy Court’s discharge order.

Please update your file about me to show that all of these debts and accounts were discharged in bankruptcy and now have a zero balance. I dispute each account balance and ask you to reinvestigate the tradeline of any creditor listed on Schedule F that does not have a zero balance as included in the bankruptcy. If you cannot be properly reinvestigate a tradeline, then please delete it.

Please reinvestigate each account reported with a balance due on my credit report by directly contacting the Bankruptcy Court shown in the enclosed documents. If you also communicate with the company that reported the account, please forward this letter and all relevant enclosures to that company, or let me know that you have not forwarded the relevant documents, so I may do it. Please do not merely contact the company electronically without providing them a copy of this letter and all relevant enclosures.

Please note that I [we] need this account corrected to________________________ [give examples of how the false balances may harm you in the future, such as you need to apply for a loan towards a motor vehicle, refinance your residence, acquire a new home, apply to rent a home, apply for a credit card to reestablish your credit, apply for a job or credit.]

If any company furnishing an account balance due informs you that the account is reported accurately, despite being discharged in bankruptcy, and you decide to continue reporting the disputed balance, please send me any documents that prove it was not discharged in bankruptcy and describe the procedure you used to determine how it was accurate (including name, address, and telephone of the furnishers contacted). If you did not contact the Bankruptcy Court directly, then please provide me with the name, address, and telephone number of any company and persons who reviewed the Bankruptcy Court’s records on your behalf.

Please also provide me with a corrected credit report containing all items in your file about me [us], once you have completed your reinvestigation of all the disputed accounts.



On this day of ___________ [month and year], before me, personally known to me or provided to me on the basis of satisfactory evidence to be the person whose name is subscribed to the within instrument and acknowledged to me that the person executed the instrument in her/his authorized capacity and that by her/his signature on the instrument the person who executed the instrument.  WITNESS my hand and official seal.